Beach Clean Up Initiative

On Sunday, November 28, 2021, corporate partners and supporters of “Don’t Waste Barbados” set out to clean up beach land near Bridgetown as a lead-up to Independence Day.

Our aim with this movement, is to create awareness around the dangerous effects of litter in Barbados, and adopting an anti-litter culture. 

The clean-up confirmed our current reality that plastic is the most common material found on the beaches, which will eventually end up in the ocean on the coastline. Additionally, out beaches are also suffering negative impacts from the coronavirus outbreak. Increased takeout foodware, single-use packaging, and improperly discarded personal protective equipment (PPE), mostly masks, were part of the litter haul. 

Listen to how Founder Anthony Da Silva, and other members from this volunteer group encourage us all to be apart of this initiative is to make Barbados a cleaner place.