What’s our Mission?

Don’t Waste Barbados is a public anti-littering initiative that promotes proper waste disposal.
Litter in Barbados

We aim to create an anti-litter culture in Barbados, by promoting action, awareness, and education from Barbadians and residents of Barbados alike. 

Litter is not just messy, it can lead to many other negative consequences, such as the spread of diseases, environmental damage, flooding, hazards to drivers, and harm to animals.

Littering is everyone’s concern. A digital survey about litter conducted in Barbados during May 2021 found that over 90% of respondents were concerned about the litter situation and more than 75% indicated they see litter frequently. It is clear that a change is needed and we are committed to partnering with individuals, groups and businesses to eliminate litter. You can help solve this problem. Join us!

Read our 2021 Litter Survey Report.

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