Who We Are

Don’t Waste Barbados is a movement determined to combat the scourge of litter.

Powered by its first corporate early adopter, the Innotech Group of companies, the ultimate goal of this initiative, according to founder Anthony Da Silva, is to make Barbados a cleaner place “for the good of us all”, and to instill positive habits that are sustainable for future generations. In addition to Innotech, other corporate supporters have joined this national endeavour. Together, we are a team of dedicated individuals and patriotic companies that strive to make Barbados as beautiful as it can be.

The Team

Anthony Da Silva

Anthony Da Silva

Founder of Don’t Waste Barbados

Anthony Da Silva has been involved in the regional construction industry for the past 30 years as Chairman of the Innotech Group of companies based in Barbados. As the Founder of Don’t Waste Barbados, Anthony believes that small actions compounded over time often yield big results and that each of us can play a big part to help keep Barbados clean.  

His vision for Don’t Waste Barbados is simple! If both residents and visitors to Barbados make a concerted effort to stop littering, we are well on our way to preserving our beautiful island for future generations.

His ultimate goal for Don’t Waste Barbados is to be recognised as a movement, involving stakeholders from both public and private sector entities and individuals working together to engineer a collective cultural shift to truly make a difference.

David Tomlinson

David Tomlinson

Director of Prosource

David Tomlinson is Director of Prosource Limited, a member of the Innotech Group of companies. As a waste management company, Prosource is happy to be on board as an early corporate supporter of the Don’t Waste Barbados initiative. 

David believes that the Don’t Waste Barbados programme has the ability to reach Barbadians through engaging and interactive campaigns. It’s a perfect synergy with the Residential Waste Collection Improvement Project, which will also benefit residents and visitors to Barbados by reducing the amount of curb side waste. David is also a proud supporter of youth activities and looks forward to fostering awareness with young people.

Dominique Tudor

Environmental Ambassador - Prosource

Dominique Tudor is a self-proclaimed eco rebel, an action oriented environmentalist who loves her island home. Dominique founded the social enterprise Eco-Rebel and now uses her experience to offer key solutions to help raise the profile for the Don’t Waste Barbados initiative. She works as project lead on several of the visual storytelling elements, such as interactive mural installations. She can also be found working on her next idea, including and conceptualising how she can encourage the youth to be true change makers and take action in their communities through a number of educational activities.

Hillary Ann Williams

Hillary Ann Williams

Marketing Executive – Innotech Group of companies

Hillary Ann William is the Marketing Executive at the Innotech group of companies. She is most excited about the impact that Don’t Waste Barbados will have for the nation’s children. “I am thrilled to be a part of this national campaign to support activities that help to preserve my island for generations to come! I’ve seen the amount of litter that is on our beaches, not only is it an eyesore but to think that this litter also ends up in our oceans causing unprecedented harm to marine life isn’t a good feeling. I am committed to doing my part and to encouraging everyone around me to Stop Littering!”